A Couple Thousand Miles Later

For the past 5 days I've been on the road with 3 friends driving from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles California. It's been a long drive with a lot of amazing scenery and tons of memories that have been made. I've done this trip a few times in my life, but never to the extent like this one. To do this trip with friends whom I love and get to share this experience with them has been one of the greatest times of my life. 

The first stop was Amarillo, Texas where on the outskirts of town was Cadillac Ranch. 

photo (2).JPG

From there we drove to the Grand Canyon to camp and hike for 2 days. This was my first time really camping and hiking and I must say that I am pretty horrible at it, but at least we got some good photos out of it, right?

From the Grand Canyon to Vegas where I have no photos from because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (really I just didn't feel like taking my camera with me). After Vegas we finally made it into California.

Now currently resting up to enjoy one last day in California before making the trek back to Ohio.