After weeks of grey in Columbus, I finally got to see the sun again in California. A refreshing week before heading back to start a move to an even colder city (Chicago). I often forget how beautiful the sites are, or what the roar of crashing waves against the rocks sound like, and how different the ocean air smells. I attribute California to where everything started for my journey in life. Moving here on a whim almost 5 years ago with no plan and stumbling into doing corny youtube videos (which you can find floating on the internet somewhere). I never could have imagined being able to document life for a living and it all started here- with a little Flip video camera and some friends who agreed to my ridiculous antics. This place will always hold a good chunk of nostalgia in my heart. Cheers to you, oh California.

You can view more snapshots of this trip on my Instagram and VSCO Grid.