Georgia Pt. 2

A few weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Georgia and hike up Stone Mountain with some of the Comm Arts team of Vineyard Columbus to create a film for our Easter service. The day we set out, the forecast called for thunderstorms all day long and we were unsure if we'd be able to get anything done that day. When we arrived at Stone Mountain we did a small hike up and not even 10 minutes up, we found a perfect location to start shooting. The overcast was perfect for the mood we were going for and the shooting was smooth sailing. When we breaked for lunch all of the overcast went away and the sun started shining, but as soon as we went back to shoot , the overcast and clouds came back which was exactly what we were wanting. After we wrapped for the day and started driving back to the hotel the rain and thunder that was projected to happen all day finally started pouring down. It's as if God held it all back for us until we finished our shooting. 

Today on Easter the finished film was played while the worship team sang an original song live to go along with the film. It was an amazing experience to be part of this project and I'll share the video when it's ready for the web.

Happy Easter, everyone!