Some Portraits

Working full time in Chicago and taking on freelance has given me less and less time to shoot for personal reasons, but I haven't let it completely stop me. With the help of Instagram its become easier to find something to do on a whim. Being able to see what other Chicagoans have been up to, the places they go and the sites they see have been inspiring me as of late. I've been lucky to connect with people whose work pushes me to do better and to tell better stories through images, wether still or in motion. Storytelling has always been on the forefront of what I've wanted my work to portray, but I realized I was slowly moving further and further away from it. I can make tons of excuses- I have no time, client work has been more product and marketing focused, etc etc. Maybe I haven't been crafting projects into stories the way I used to and have been more focused on creating more quality images themselves, but now  

A collection of photos from recent adventures in and around Chicago with new and old friends. More always on Instagram and VSCO Grid.