My best friend, Jonathan, created a room for light therapy for his thesis this year and after sitting in the room for 10 seconds I was inspired to make a film inside of it. It was something you really had to experience- the giant light box in front of you, the looping songs about light, and all around good vibes and ambiance. This film can't make you feel the same way it felt actually going inside, but I hoped to capture its beauty at the least.

Georgia Pt. 2

A few weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Georgia and hike up Stone Mountain with some of the Comm Arts team of Vineyard Columbus to create a film for our Easter service. The day we set out, the forecast called for thunderstorms all day long and we were unsure if we'd be able to get anything done that day. When we arrived at Stone Mountain we did a small hike up and not even 10 minutes up, we found a perfect location to start shooting. The overcast was perfect for the mood we were going for and the shooting was smooth sailing. When we breaked for lunch all of the overcast went away and the sun started shining, but as soon as we went back to shoot , the overcast and clouds came back which was exactly what we were wanting. After we wrapped for the day and started driving back to the hotel the rain and thunder that was projected to happen all day finally started pouring down. It's as if God held it all back for us until we finished our shooting. 

Today on Easter the finished film was played while the worship team sang an original song live to go along with the film. It was an amazing experience to be part of this project and I'll share the video when it's ready for the web.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Georgia Pt. 1

About a month ago I was blessed to join the Communications Arts team at Vineyard Columbus at an opportune time. Since joining, I've been put on a few projects to help change the way VC tells stories through film and video. I'm not allowed to give too many details yet about what we're currently working on, but let me tell you it's been an amazing experience working on the production for this new film. We travelled to Northpoint, Georgia and found a great location at Stone Mountain Park to shoot. Here's a snippet of behind the scenes photos from the trip/ exploration/ shoot.

2014 So Far

It's mid March and I've been slacking on uploading photos I've been taking. Working on a few long term video projects currently and doing a lot of exploring through Ohio's Poler Vortex. From wolves, to hikes, to Chicago, here's a look at what I've been doing with my life so far in 2014. You can find more on my Instagram and VSCO Grid.


For the New Year I decided to leave California a bit early and head to New Jersey with some friends instead to spend New Years in New York. It's a been a wonderful trip and I've spent some time exploring Princeton, the city and university. My new years resolution is to live a fuller life than I did in 2013 (which might be hard to top recently), but I think I've started off on the right foot and hope to get out and create even more. Happy new year all!

Cheers to the new year!



California Times

Snuck out of the cold of Ohio to see my family in California for the holidays. After stuffing our faces with Filipino food on Christmas, we decided to hike the wetlands of Huntington Beach and the Griffith Observatory/ Hollywood sign which we decided to go way off path and on a much harder hike than the main tourist hike. It was also my brother's first shot at hiking at all, he was a champ.


Yesterday I got to hang out with my old friend Paige at Pine Quarry Park. It was great to catch up with her since we haven't hung out in months even though we live only 20 minutes away from each other. This holiday I'm very thankful for all of the wonderful friends I've made over the years and the great times we've all shared. Whether through laughs, coffee, road trips, or even tears; I have to thank you for all of the moments that make life so worth it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Camp Wandawega

A few friends and I took a weekend trip to Elkhorn, WI and stayed at the beautiful Camp Wandawega. Everything about this place was perfect and staying there was inspiring to say the least. It definitely got my creative juices flowing and ready to put out some of the awesome video I captured to go along with these photos. You can check out more photos from our trip on Instagram and VSCO Grid.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Until next time... 


Rockmill Brewery

I filmed a beautiful wedding at the Rockmill Brewery this past weekend and snapped a few photos too. What an amazing place. 

Hocking Hills Pt.2

As school has begun I haven't had the chance to update this blog as much as I like lately but with projects coming close to being due, that will be changing soon. I'm a leader of the CCAD Cinematic Arts Student Collective and  for the members, we're doing a 5x5 challenge (5 shots, 5 seconds each). I dug up some footage from the summer and put together this piece to show the collective.

Hocking Hills

I got to spend the past few days in a cabin in Hocking Hills with the new CCAD RA Team. We hiked the caves, cooked for each other, and came together as a team. It was a great time to get to know one another and I can honestly say we have an amazing team this year. Photos taken with my new Polaroid 600, more photos can be found on my VSCO Grid.


I know I haven't posted any work in a long time but it is summer time and summer is for rest, right? Wrong. This has been my busiest summer yet. I've really set out to travel as much as possible and have visited many states on my journeys. Over the course of a couple thousands miles, many cups of coffee, and hundreds of dollars in gas, I've seen some of the most breathtaking sites, crashed on many couches, and have met some of the kindest people in the world. Here are a few photos taken from my Instagram and new VSCO Grid. 

A Family Union Pt. 2

Last weekend I went to North Carolina to shoot a wedding between two of my good friends. You may have seen some photos of the weekend on my last post. For everyone who couldn't be in attendance I just want to let you know that even though the wedding was absolutely beautiful, everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. From a downpour of rain to the power being out in the cabin, everything seemed to be going wrong. Then suddenly the sky cleared up and in the end it could not have been any more perfect. So much love for these families coming together to make it an awesome weekend that I'll never forget. I may have come to do a job, but I left as family. Enjoy.


A Family Union

Over the weekend I was given the opportunity to stay in North Carolina as my friends Wes and Lillie got married. We stayed at a cabin on top of the Uwharrie mountains and it was absolutely beautiful. To see two families come together the way they did was unlike anything I have never seen before. It was as if they had already been family for years. They graciously welcomed me into their family for the weekend and I really got a taste of that good southern hospitality. 

Something that I noticed was how much music and food brought the families together. Below is a short video from the dinner the night before the wedding and music played by harpist Connor Kelley.

Thank you to the Templetons, Talbotts, and all other family friends who made the weekend incredibly memorable. 



This past weekend I made an impromptu decision to go on another road trip with a couple buddies to Williamsport, PA to do a photo shoot with a band out there. Along the the way we stopped for a couple shots in the woods.


A Couple Thousand Miles Later

For the past 5 days I've been on the road with 3 friends driving from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles California. It's been a long drive with a lot of amazing scenery and tons of memories that have been made. I've done this trip a few times in my life, but never to the extent like this one. To do this trip with friends whom I love and get to share this experience with them has been one of the greatest times of my life. 

The first stop was Amarillo, Texas where on the outskirts of town was Cadillac Ranch. 

photo (2).JPG

From there we drove to the Grand Canyon to camp and hike for 2 days. This was my first time really camping and hiking and I must say that I am pretty horrible at it, but at least we got some good photos out of it, right?

From the Grand Canyon to Vegas where I have no photos from because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (really I just didn't feel like taking my camera with me). After Vegas we finally made it into California.

Now currently resting up to enjoy one last day in California before making the trek back to Ohio.


The Zara Project Pt. 2

A finished version of the BTS video for the Zara project I helped with. Thanks to everyone who worked on this.

The Zara Project

Last night I helped with a photo/video shoot for a catalogue project for my friend Jon Yurek. The goal is to make a catalogue for the European brand, Zara

The look of a champion...

I shot all of the video while Brad shot the photos. Of course I snapped a few pics myself though.