Milwaukee Bucks / BucksGG

I was able to to work with the Milwaukee Bucks/ BucksGG in the inaugural season of the NBA 2k League
creating video, photo, and social media that included documentary, promotional, and sponsored content


Backstories: King Peroxide

Matt Hofmann on family, determination, and the unexpectedness of making it in the inaugural NBA 2Kleague.

Backstories: Game6Drake

Aaron Rookwood on growing up in New York with aspirations of making it to the next level.

War Room - Road to the Draft

LT & Curt of the My Player Basketball Association join BucksGG to help draft the team for season 1 of the NBA 2KLeague





BucksGG Intro

Short promo introducing the players of BucksGG

BucksGG x Seagate

Sponsored content featuring BucksGG to promote Seagate game drives